The Great Format Debate

As someone who spends a lot of time reading books, I also spend a lot of time thinking about how I read. In today’s world, that thinking is dominated by the question of format; should I be going with print, ebook, or audio? It’s not a question that I have an easy answer for.

I should first make it clear, however, that I don’t think that there is an objectively superior format. I think all formats have their own advantages, and I don’t really care what format other people use (as long as they do use some format!).

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Why are There no Star Ratings?

Star RatingsTwo people can read a book, agree perfectly on why the book is good and why the book is bad, and yet still give drastically different star ratings.

That is one form of the argument I often heard from reviewers I read when they argued why they didn’t provide star ratings (or grades, or scores, etc). But, for a long time, I thought those people were simply looking for reasons to justify their lack of courage in putting forth their actual ideas about what they thought of a work. Maybe because they were afraid of upsetting their relationship with one publisher or another?

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